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Four United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Marines Standing beside Original Coming Home Painting by Philip Corley (Artist) Tribute to the Troops On Day Before the Donation Ceremony at National Musuem of Marine Corps, April 2016.
Philips son Stephen testing parachutes some undisclosed location while in US Marines 1990s
(Top )US Marine Thomas Patrick Corley (Uncle )1959 Awarded American Spirit Medal for most Outstanding Marine In Recruit Training Parris Island 🌴 SC (Below) US Marine Stephen J Corley (Nephew) 1990 Parris Island 🌴 USMCRD ,South Carolina

Coming Home painting by Philip Corley (Artist) was started and completed over the year of 2005
It was painted for the Artists Admiration ,Respect and Affiliation with the Marine Corps as his older Brother Thomas Patrick Corley was a Marine in 1959 he was Marine Recruit at Parris Island and was awarded the American Spirit Award for Highest Honor awarded to most Outstanding Recruit on Graduation Day as Marine out of all the Battalions He served through the 1960s
and his son Stephen J Corley who served in the 1990s in Marine Corps Reserves
The Coming Home painting Oil on Canvas ,Size 86 x 72 inches ,Gold Frame ,Appraised for $126,000 was Donated by Philip Corley (Artist ) and Philip Corley Fine Art to the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Triangle in Quantico ,Virginia ,USA in April of 2016 as Gift from the Artist for his Tribute to the Troops and United States Marine Corps .It was previously Featured on Front page of the Leatherneck December 2014 Issue (Magazine of the Marines ).It is Located on Second Floor of the Museum outside the WW 1 Museum .Check it out up and close to get a good Look as it is a stunning patriotic Artwork.

Philip & His Sons
Donation of Coming Home Painting
At National Museum of Marine Corps
Honor & Pride
Coming Home Painting at its True Home
National Museum of Marine Corps
With Coming Home Painting

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