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Ground Zero – Philip corley

Ground Zero - by Philip Corley


Ground Zero painting was done by Philip
He first started on the Ground Zero
Sketch the day after that Tragic Day on September 11 ,2001 .Everyone was in Shock it was a
Devastating attack on the nation and my Father had TV on in his studio in Florida and saw the Fire Fighters Raise the Flag it was a sign that the country would regain its strength endure and rebuild again
He started to paint the scene of the Fire Fighters and the Bravery of all that were lost 343 Fire Fighters and a vast amount of Police ,First Responders and Civilians .We all needed to Unite as a people to gather and rally together and go after who had done this to our Country .We all wanted Justice .

Thanking Palm Beach Fire Rescue donation of Ground Zero Giclee Painting by Philip Corley (Artist) for Appreciation of their Service to Community Saving Lives and Looking Out
Original Ground Zero Painting and Sketch by Philip Corley (Artist) and Giclee Donated to Ladder 3 FDNY ,13 Street ,Greenwich Village ,New York ,New York for 20th Anniversary of September 11th 2001 that Tragic Day on September 10 ,2021 the Day before Anniversary .9/11 Never Forgotten
Thank you Delray Beach Fire Rescue and All Fire Fighters for Looking Out Saving Lives in Community . Ground Zero Giclee by Philip Corley (Artist) 9/11 Never Forgotten ,343 and All the Lives Lost That Day Donated to Delray Beach Fire Rescue ,Atlantic Ave ,Delray Beach ,Florida USA

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