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Naked Lady on the Beach – by Jack BARRY

Naked Lady on the Beach - by Jack Barry

Naked Lady on the Beach by Jack Barry (American Artist ) Oil on Canvas ,Size 33 x 43 inches ,Unframed ,Appraised $25,000

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Artist Jack Barry was born and raised in a blue collar factory neighborhood on the Hudson River in Yonkers N.Y. Growing up in the greater metropolitan area exposed me to an inexhaustible supply of stimuli in art, architecture and world cultures.

His first exposure to Fine Art was the masterpieces of the Hudson River School Painters and the contemporary art movement in New York City of the 1940’s and 1950’s. inspiring him as a youth to sketch and paint. Young adulthood placed him in the U.S. Navy serving in the Vietnam Theater. On returning home he entered the trade of a High Voltage Lineman, which was to last for more than a decade.

Still not satisfied with his lot in life, He left the Union 9 to 5 world and opened a painting business on Long Island and eventually in the Palm Beaches.His world then became one of restoration of Historic Buildings and Faux Finishing effects, which he seemed to have a gift for.

Working in the mediums of paint and plaster jack honed his skills in the techniques of the craft. This soon led to the natural progress of expressing himself in Frescoes and oil on canvas.

Jack’s art since that time has been and still is an expression of memory. Music was a key factor in his creative process. The rhythms triggered images from recesses deep in the mind that got transformed on the canvas in feeling and style.

It is from this form of the ever changing inspiration of sound that jack barry the buffet of palates and styles that he worked in today. The bi-product for him was the great freedom to explore them all!

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